Identity Document Fraud Detection

Experience streamlined identity document verification with Trustmatic's AI-powered ID verification technology. Authenticate 12,500+ IDs from 248 countries and territories, and detect fake and tampered documents with ease. Get world-class ID verification in just a few seconds.



Let the numbers do the talking


Avoid risk
of forgery

Avoid forgery of identity documents and identity theft which makes 10% of all the world's identity frauds.


ID checks

Our customers experience a 98% success rate for automated ID checks, making the process faster and easier than ever.


7 seconds

Users are guided to capture high-quality images of the front and back sides of their identity document. The whole process takes just 7 seconds.


Discover how easily identity documents
can be verified

Identity Document OCR

With Trustmatic, you can unlock security with a single tap. Let your users capture their ID instantly and securely with automated document capture technology. Trustmatic works with documents from over 240 countries and territories. Any tampering or counterfeiting of documents, such as passports, visas, national identity cards, driving licenses will be recognized with Trustmatic.


Instant verification at your fingertips

Our advanced technology quickly and accurately verifies the visual data and metadata of any document in seconds. We are able to recognize, classify, and extract biometric and biographic data in a flash in less than half a second.


Detect fraud at your doorstep

Prevent any fraud attacks with our advanced document verification technology that draws on tens of millions of data sources with unparalleled accuracy. Identity fraudsters will not pass through your doorstep now.



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