Onboarding for crypto made simple & safe

Don't compromise between a user-friendly onboarding experience and compliance. Safeguard your reputation and ensure that your digital onboarding is secure, fast and accurate while meeting all KYC requirements.

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Verify your crypto users with ease

Our mission is to help you tackle fraud while ensuring frictionless onboarding.

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Meet compliance standards

Give your team an automatic and comprehensive crypto KYC toolkit.

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Increase your conversions

We help you to bring on more users from around the world through the streamlined verification process in just seconds, not minutes.

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fraud attacks

Avoiding advanced fraud attacks is our utmost priority. We verify 11,600+ government-issued IDs worldwide.


Have your users checked and verified in seconds

Cutting-edge verification powered by powerful AI and biometrics algorithm.

KYC is our main priority

Knowing your customer from day one is fundamental to every business, especially in crypto. Unlock seamless digital onboarding while mitigating sophisticated fraud. We prevent fraud by ensuring that your customers are truly present and real. No more threat of spoofing your onboarding process with Trustmatic.


Process any document & language

This is not our first rodeo. Thanks to our powerful biometric algorithm we support more than 11,600 identity documents from 248 countries & territories. With industry-leading accuracy, we are able to support your crypto product in 138 languages. Make entering new markets a breeze.


Fast digital onboarding at your fingertips

Digital onboarding can be fast yet secure. Our user-friendly digital onboarding requires fewer steps, resulting in a positive user experience and a high conversion rate. All in under 30 seconds.


Skip the line if already verified

Have your users already onboarded themselves on other platforms? No problem. Your users can skip the line as they have been already onboarded on a similar crypto platform. We are able to match their data against the global databases a check if everything went smoothly.



Explore our other solutions

Save time and money by using a single, comprehensive verification solution.

Remote Identity Verification

Comprehensive online identity verification powered by advanced AI designed to detect and prevent any malicious activity.

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Face Liveness Detection

iBeta Level 2 accredited single frame passive liveness detection to ensure that a user is a real person.

Learn more


Age verification

Ensure only the right people access your content with accurate biometric age estimation.

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