Remote Identity Verification

Onboard genuine users in seconds, while protecting your business from identity fraud with the most advanced detection capabilities available. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that only verified users can access your system, giving you peace of mind that your organization is secure.



No trade-off between security and
user experience


more users

Trustmatic helps businesses convert more customers automatically and accurately by making sure they are who they say they are.



Secure your business from identity fraud with advanced AI. Our technology can detect fake IDs, presentation attacks, and other forms of identity fraud.


Comply with regulations

With our easy-to-use tools, you can configure, customise, and deploy your solution in a matter of hours.


Explore how Remote Identity Verification
can work for you

Unrivaled ID verification on the market

Trustmatic's identity document verification is the most reliable way to detect fake and tampered documents. With our advanced AI-powered software, you can verify any identity documents in real-time and detect fake and tampered documents with confidence. Our unique technology can detect and read over 12 500 IDs from over 240 countries and territories. Take a picture of the ID, extract biometric and biographic data with ease, and detect fake and tampered documents.

RIV_tempered ID_trustmatic

Real humans, every time

Trustmatic's industry-leading liveness detection technology uses a single selfie to detect face spoofing attempts with zero user participation. No need to smile, blink, or move the camera — just snap a photo. Our Deep Neural Network (DNN) based approach examines different elements of the image to detect artefacts that help distinguish between a live person and a presentation attack. Our fast, accurate liveness detection requires no capture-side software, giving you the security you need with the convenience you demand.

RIV_remote humans_trustmatic

More than just verification

Our system quickly and accurately searches face images against databases of blocklisted users, known fraudsters, or all previous onboarding sessions, helping you detect potential fraud with accuracy. Built using a NIST top-ranked algorithm, allowing you to search millions of stored faces in milliseconds.

RIV_blocklisted person_Trustmatic

High-level security

We know how security is crucial for you. That is why we handle identity verification checks and personal data in the most secure way no matter the industry. We don't store images that are taken to verify your identity. You stay the owner of your data.


Why people love Trustmatic

"With Trustmatic, we have been able to replace a cumbersome experience for our customers with a much easier, user-friendly digital experience. Furthermore, we are also able to confirm the identity of individuals with certainty without compromising our security measures."

Petr Moroz, CEO at SCAUT


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