Identity verification designed for the sharing economy

Whether you run a car-sharing, scooter-sharing, or crowdfunding platform, we ensure smooth and secure remote identity verification.

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Fast, secure, and accurate

Grow your community of users while stopping fraudsters from gaining access.


Faster Onboarding

Enable your users to quickly, easily, and automatically verify their identity, allowing for faster onboarding and a smoother user experience.



Get support for more than 12 500 identity documents from 248 countries & territories. With 138 different languages covered, we make entering new markets a breeze.

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Protect your reputation

Protect your organisation and your customers from fraud and identity theft. Ensure the people you interact with are who they say they are.


Create a safe and trusted platform

Sharing economy platforms are at the forefront of this revolution, connecting buyers and sellers,
and creating new opportunities for growth.

Prevent fraud & protect your brand

Ensure the safety and security of peer-to-peer transactions with Trustmatic. Our suite of identity verification solutions includes identity document and biometric verification, data verifications, and advanced fraud detection, allowing you to tailor your risk appetite and build trust in your platform. With Trustmatic, you can verify users' identities to prevent fraud and protect your business.


Make digital onboarding easier

Reduce user drop-offs with our streamlined remote identity verification. With fewer obstacles in digital onboarding, our clients report 98% completion of onboarding processes on the first attempt.

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Meet all requirements

Comply with KYC and other regulations while significantly reducing back-office costs associated with customer onboarding and identity verification. Create confidence in the user's identity by verifying their age, driver's license or just matching their identity document with his face. Make sure only verified users access your platform.



Explore our other solutions

Save time and money by using a single, comprehensive verification solution.

ID Fraud Detection

Read and verify 12,500+ government-issued IDs with industry-leading accuracy.

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Age verification

Ensure only the right people access your content with accurate biometric age estimation.

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Face Liveness Detection

iBeta Level 2 accredited single frame passive liveness detection to ensure that a user
is a real person.

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