Age Verification

With a simple selfie, ensure that only those of legal age have access to your services. Keep your brand integrity intact at all times.

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What is the added value of our
Age verification?


user retention

Users take a quick selfie and our biometric algorithm accurately verifies their age. Our streamlined process takes less than 5 seconds.



Powered by advanced AI and liveness anti-spoofing, we ensure that your users are age verified with industry-leading accuracy and security.



Ensuring the protection of your data is very important to us. Every selfie taken is deleted immediately after the process is complete.


Explore Age Verification process

Content accessible only for age-verified users

Verifying someone’s age is essential for protecting children and preventing access to age-restricted products, services, and content. Using AI and computer vision, our age-analysis tool verifies individuals quickly and accurately - keeping children away from alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, online dating, gambling, and other inappropriate adult material.


Verified age with the highest accuracy

Our face analysis technology uses deep learning algorithms to accurately estimate an individual's age by analyzing their facial features. Our algorithms are trained on a large pre-existing data set of faces, so the more data we have, the more reliable the age estimation. Our technology eliminates any chance of fraudulent activity that can occur with credit card or document ID verification.


Your data is safe with us

Verify someone's age without putting their image or personal data at risk. Privacy is always a priority, so the only data collected is the information pertaining to the user's age, and no images or personal data is stored.



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