Face Liveness Detection

Trustmatic's industry-leading liveness detection technology uses a single selfie to detect face spoofing attempts without user participation. No need to smile, blink, or move the camera — just snap a photo.

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Why does Passive Liveness Detection

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user abandonment

Passive liveness detection requires no user participation, making onboarding fast and seamless. This single-image approach increases automation rates and virtually eliminates customer abandonment, ensuring a smooth onboarding process.


Industry-leading accuracy

Passive liveness detection utilizes the latest in deep neural networks to accurately distinguish between a real face and an image or mask with unparalleled accuracy. No user interaction is required.



Trustmatic invests in algorithms that deliver unbiased results to people of all backgrounds and ages, regardless of race or gender.


Explore the power of Face Liveness Detection

Universal compatibility

Experience effortless compatibility with all modern smart devices and web cameras with our flexible solution. Enjoy the convenience of our cutting-edge technology, seamlessly integrating with your existing setup.


Cost efficient approach

Save money and get more with our cost-efficient solution. Our cutting-edge technology eliminates the need for high-bandwidth internet connections and extensive server deployments, so you can enjoy the same speed and accuracy without the hefty price tag.

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Improved completion rates

Youdare's pioneering move from active to passive liveness technology delivered incredible results in one of the most challenging production environments. By migrating to Trustmatic's passive liveness approach, completion rates skyrocketed from 60% to 99%+.



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