Trustmatic partners with Guest Ranger for fraud prevention in rentals

Guest Ranger and Trustmatic Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Fraud Prevention for Short-Term Rentals. The collaboration brings together two industry leaders in the field of fraud prevention and identity verification.

The partnership is aimed at enhancing the fraud prevention experience for short-term rental property owners and guests. Guest Ranger is leveraging data, artificial intelligence, and established databases to give property managers the power to prevent and reduce fraud. With features such as complex facial recognition, identity verification algorithms, and a guest review database, property managers are now better equipped than ever to protect their properties and guests from the effects of fraud.

"At Guest Ranger, we have always been committed to providing the highest level of fraud protection for our clients. This partnership with Trustmatic allows us to take that commitment to the next level by offering a complete solution for identity verification and fraud prevention."

– Salar Tanzif, COO of Guest Ranger

The emergence of short-term rentals has highlighted the need for fraud prevention. Guest Ranger eliminates the requirement for manual checks and potential liabilities such as credit card charge backs. Property managers can stop accepting bookings from customers that may cause damage to the property or lead to legal issues. By joining forces with Trustmatic, Guest Ranger is taking the lead in the industry, delivering its clients with a comprehensive approach to guarantee their properties and visitors.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Guest Ranger to bring the benefits of our remote identity verification platform to the short-term rental industry. Together, we are delivering a solution that helps protect property owners, guests, and the wider community from the devastating effects of fraud."

– Donal Greene, CEO of Trustmatic

About Guest Ranger


Guest Ranger leverages the power of data using established databases and artificial intelligence to give property managers the power to prevent and reduce fraud while also minimizing the bookings of difficult guests. 

The software suite has an array of powerful tools designed to keep fraud at bay with the ability to work with complex geometric facial patterns along with identity verification algorithms to provide the most accurate representation of what could possibly be a fraud. 

Guest Ranger removes the need for both manual verification and possible liability such as credit card chargebacks and more. Along with our guest review database, property managers are now more ready than ever to prevent booking a stay to a difficult guest that could result in property damage or legal liability.