Trustech Paris 2022 full of top-tier industry leaders

Trustech Paris 2022 was a historic event for the world of trust and security technology.

At the end of November, we headed to Paris, France, for the Trustech Paris 2022 exhibition. During the exhibition, we got to network informally with speakers and exhibitors about the current trends in identity verification. One of the most interesting sessions at the Trustech event was by the company called Cabinet Louis Reynaud, where they outlined the 9 points of attack on a remote identity verification system. They were:

1. Presentation attack at the sensor
- using a false face or document to fool the system

2. Modification of samples
- using a virtual camera to inject a false face or document

3. Override signal processor
- create a false "yes" output

4. Modify probe
- change the probe image to that of a false face or document

5. Comparison override
- override the comparator with a false face or document

6. Override or modify database
- insert a false face or document directly in the database

7. Modify reference images/templates
- change the reference template to match that of a false face

8. Modify scores
- change the matching score to a value above the decision threshold

9. Override decision
- change the final decision from NO to YES

Trustech paris_trustmatic

The 36th edition of the exhibition brought together over 200 top-tier decision-makers and 8000 participants from across the globe to engage in networking and various insightful topics. The event focused on security, identity and access control. The panel discussions ranged from topics on the smart cards industry to banks and payment institutions.

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